LIFE IS PRECIOUS: In the big family of Zarrin®, we are united to promote the values of life. Passion and caring, growth and learning, self-love and loving humanism, respect and self-esteem are among our ethical and intellectual values that help us keep our family bond strong. We are committed to provide the best products to improve quality of life, because life is precious

QUALITY FOR ALL: Iran is our golden and dazzling land and it's our duty to provide the best qualified products for our people. Zarrin started its journey by manufacturing children plastic dinnerware and sanitary products in 1992. In 2003, Zarrin expanded its production by venturing into cellulose industries and started to manufacture baby diapers under MyBaby™ brand. In 2004, Due to the high demands of the Iranian families, Zarrin launched sanitary pads under My Lady™ brand and later in 2012 added adult diapers to it’s portfolio.

WE THINK GLOBALLY: We see no limit in expanding our products and service. This view has led us to exporting our products to the neighboring as well as the CIS countries. Currently, we are working to expand our markets to the African continent.

WE’RE A FAMILY AND WE’LL REMAIN ONE: Our mission in Zarrin Group® is providing comfort for individuals and families by providing up-to-date and efficient solutions. Meanwhile, we use everything within our power to glorify the values of life and strengthen the family ties throughout the country. We believe that success begins when we hold each other’s hands and keep open minds and hearts.

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Behnaz Khodadad
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Hadis Esmaeili
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Ali Zaker
Talent Management Supervisor
Samaneh Hosseini
Talent Acquisition Specialist

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